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The LAWS OF ALL™ Book Series

Understanding Systems Before Our Extinction

Everything around us is a system. The universe and our own bodies are systems. Social, political and economic systems govern our civilization. Yet general laws of all systems, which might guide us in managing these systems far less recklessly, are not widely recognized to exist, never mind that there’s little or no description of them. The LAWS OF ALL™ book series works at filling in that knowledge void.

In the course of this research, keys to the universe’s “chest” of deeply buried secrets were found and applied. This led to a new foundational understanding of general systems, their laws, and their application toward the diverse and ofttimes cryptic systems of not only the “hard” universe, but also the socio-politico-economic “universe,” and beyond. Stemming from all this is a new understanding of our physical reality that entails profound implications across the board with the future possibility of great societal advancement.

On the one hand, humanity appears to be at the threshold of an evolutionary “springboard” of sorts, able to propel us and our galaxy of knowledge to new and unimaginable heights. But on the other hand, it appears we’ve latched onto a “devolutionary” death spiral: out of control and circling a dark-age, if not the end of all human existence. By becoming more aware of deep-seated errors and deficiencies ingrained in the human psyche as well as why they exist and how they propagate, society is given fighting tools to help fend off the negative outcome and guide itself to a more desirable destination—perhaps even into a new enlightened age.

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LAWS OF ALL™: System Laws Reveal Hidden Secrets of the Universe and Approaching Dark Age of Civilization (Book 1)


Fallacies, false assumptions and misconceptions abound in our society. They are seemingly subtle yet exist at even the most fundamental roots of knowledge. In many cases, they are pervasive and/or self-perpetuating. For example, in physics and cosmology certain long-standing, fundamental theories of nature appear incorrect based on multiple observations. This led me to theorize anew and arrive at another more explicative reality. In the process, a hidden key was stumbled onto that unlocks the deeper secrets of the universe opening hidden doors to new understanding. And it’s an understanding that carries with it deep physical, cosmological, philosophical and scientific implications with broad multidisciplinary application across the board. This all foreshadows the future possibility of great societal advancement.

Remarkably, the new findings referred to above are not arbitrary contrivances detached from reality. They are instead based on empirical evidence, mathematical derivations, accurate quantitative predictions, formulaic support, geometrical proof, thought experiments and logical analyses, not to mention the theoretical underpinnings. While new physical experiments described herein must yet be performed, all in all there’s already a sound basis in fact independent of mere arbitrary constructs.

Another critical example of the underlying premise regarding fallacies occurs in the socio-politico-economics arena. It appears we often misunderstand, or miss entirely, some of the most basic truths that rule our day, truths also anchored in the broad-based rudimentary findings alluded to above. Without this fundamental understanding, it is difficult to discern the cause of increasing societal breakdown and general decline so that proper steps can be taken to reverse the trend. And without a trend reversal, a highly undesirable outcome will eventually be realized, one that is likely irreversible. This would be worldwide oppression under the guise of universal totalitarianism: a dark age with human extinction looming just beyond a black horizon...


Throughout the website and publications found therein, the phrase hard science is used to refer to the physical sciences, such as physics or the natural sciences, while soft science refers to all other fields of science. Also, hard systems and soft systems are used to refer to systems related to these respective fields. For more on this or to read an expanded version of the above section, access the full version of the Preface [pdf] for free.

To read additional material from the LAWS OF ALL™ book series, check for free access to all of the excerpts currently available.

For additional information on LAWS OF ALL™ publications, click here: Publications. Or go directly to the Volume 1 Information page, which is for the first volume in the book series. The Table of Contents at the top of that page has links to Synopses and Purchase Information for each item offered in Book 1, Part I, Volume 1.

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LAWS OF ALL™ Book 1, Part. I, Vol. 1/1.1-4.1:
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LAWS OF ALL™ Book 1, Part I, Vol. 1/4.1:
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Excerpt Expressway

Below are links to excerpts from the first book in the LAWS OF ALL™ book series. For your convenience, this “express-lane” section is served right from the homepage. Before digging into these excerpts, it is recommended to read the short overview of the LAWS OF ALL™ book series. You may have already read this at the top of the homepage.

LAWS OF ALL™: System Laws Reveal Hidden Secrets of the Universe and Approaching Dark Age of Civilization (Book 1)

The Preface of this title in the series provides a broad overview of the book, which is the best place to start. For convenience, the initial part of the Preface is posted on the homepage above. But the link to the full version of the Preface [pdf] is posted here as well as in the list below (see Vol. 1/Preface). You may wish to read that now.

While the Preface provides a broader overview of the book, the Introduction in Part I, Chapter 1, begins to provide more depth about the topical coverage across Part I to Part IV. Subchapter 1.1 (Vol. 1/1.1.1 to Vol. 1/1.1.3) covers more of the hard science issues while subchapter 1.2 (Vol. 1/1.2) begins to describe issues related to society. A broad range of material is encompassed, including both hard physical systems and “soft” systems such as social, political, and economic systems.

For those who may gravitate toward socio-politico-economics, or for those less attuned to hard science, don’t skip the Preface. This is because the succeeding subchapter 1.1, which includes subsubchapters 1.1.1 to 1.1.3, is devoted more to hard-science aspects. And if starting there cold, it would inadvertently provide one with a distorted impression of the overall breadth of the book, including large portions in it. These portions include Part I and Part IV, which largely push hard-science topics aside. With the above in mind, those less interested in hard science may feel more comfortable reading subchapter 1.1 after reading the rest of Chapter 1.

Despite the promise this model holds for answering many riddles of our universe with the possibility for advancements in hard science and engineering, it is all moot if similar understanding and advancements are not realized in the systems of society. As described in the book, system laws imply an eventual dark-age outcome for our world if it is improperly managed: dark politics, dark economics, dark social lives. And this is all but a certainty without a deeper understanding of the major general-system laws and principles guiding the wheel. One of the main goals of this research is to arrive at these laws and principles, and begin to examine applications of them to critical systems for humanity’s survival. Results are embodied in Parts I to IV.

Part I - Quest for Life: Fundamental Concepts, Laws and Principles
Volume 1

NOTE: The front and back matter may not reflect sections of Volume 1 not yet published. See the Volume 1 Availability Notes for more details.

Front Matter
 Chapter 1   Introduction: Part I to Part IV
 Back Matter

To learn more about Book 1, Part I, Volume 1, including synopses, offerings and how to make a purchase, see the Volume 1 Information page.

To learn more about LAWS OF ALL™ Book 1, including links to information and offerings for each of its volumes, see the Book 1 Information page.

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