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Research Results to Present New Understanding of Reality and Growing Risks for Civilization

SUMMARY: Bins Analytics plans to unveil results from over a decade of its original research. These results provide a new understanding of our physical reality, the universe, systems in general, and growing risks for our modern civilization and its stability.

New Jersey, March 1, 2017 - Bins Analytics™ announced the upcoming publication of results from its original research into the general nature and laws of systems, which began in late 2003, with applications in social, political, economic and physical systems. These laws led to a new understanding of our physical reality and universe. Growing risks for our modern civilization and its stability are also highlighted by these same general laws. Today the company opened its website: http://www.binsanalytics.com. It also made the Preface to the first sequence in its research series, titled LAWS OF ALL™, available for free access on the homepage.

The research journey of Bins Analytics arrived at a new way of thinking about systems in terms of the Laws of All systems. This refers to the general laws and principles that govern all systems at all levels. Few are aware that such precepts may exist. And in many cases they were thoroughly unknown and had to be derived by Bins Analytics along the way.

LAWS OF ALL Book Series

LAWS OF ALL™ Book 1, Back Cover

One of the main goals of publishing the research is to provide alternatives to prepackaged ideological positions. This alternative is realized by applying this new way of thinking. The result can be fresh perspectives, new discoveries, new truths and better solutions to problems in a variety of fields.

According to the lengthy Preface, the results and discoveries in the voluminous work provide what is described as a “gateway to a new reality” of understanding the nature of the systems that surround us. This understanding allows divisive issues, for example, to be analyzed in a new light. In turn, this might instill some bipartisanship in the polarized politics of the day.

“Uncovering general laws that govern all systems leads to a bedrock understanding of systems,” said Michael Bins, founder and President of Bins Analytics. “In turn, this implies that the systems of society might be better monitored and managed, perhaps paving the way to a golden age of peace and prosperity where freedom is maximized.”

Short of such understanding though, Bins said that system laws point to immense and growing risks for civilization going forward. As he describes it, civilization is more vulnerable and less stable than it appears to be. This is because there’s too many pitfalls to avoid in a world of growing complexity without such basic knowledge in hand. And some observations provided in the work imply that this knowledge is lacking. One of the purposes of the work stated in the Preface is to help fill this gap so that a more favorable course can be set.

“Despite the fact that everyone is in some way a system manager, if asked, most could probably not define what a system is,” said Bins, “let alone describe the basics of managing one. And while the most critical systems of civilization—such as social, political and economic systems—stand to gain the most from optimal management, they also have the most to lose from uninformed management.”

But the laws also aimed Bins toward a new model of our physical reality that may assist in avoiding the most negative outcome. This model has empirical bases, which lend it credibility. And it reveals new knowledge at the most fundamental levels of our existence.

“If this new model of reality solves long-standing mysteries of hard science as it seems to,” said Bins, “we could be on the cusp of major scientific and engineering advancements. And this might go a long way toward extending the sustainability barrier of our planet.”

Part III of the work covers some details of how such advancements might be accomplished. But while this could provide some much-needed breathing room, Bins cautioned that it could take multiple decades of research and development to achieve anything useful. And the growing risks for civilization would still remain in the interim.

Among a Quest-for-Life title theme covering topics of system life and system death that underlie these risks, Part I also includes analyses that lead to a series of findings in economics. Many of these findings are included in the first volume of the work. Some of them suggest methods for economic improvement. Others though indicate trends supporting the perspective of the general laws, that the collapse of civilization may lie somewhere in the not-too-distant future if system management skills do not improve.

“When we’re not managing effectively, instability finds us,” said Bins. “Already, we have economies on unaffordable long-term life support. And political systems are more polarized than a dry cell, which is of little help in arriving at the balanced solutions that are so very much needed. Can humanity beat the time crunch?” posed Bins. “Can advancements in understanding our various systems and their problems be realized before civilization snaps under its own weight? The question is whether we are going to learn to tame these systems, or let them lead us to our downfall.”

About Bins Analytics Publications

The results of the decade-plus research probe by Bins Analytics™ into general laws of systems, social, political and economic systems, physics and the universe will be published sequentially under the series title, LAWS OF ALL™. The first sequence in the series is subtitled, System Laws Reveal Hidden Secrets of the Universe and Approaching Dark Age of Civilization, and spans thousands of pages across four parts, each with multiple volumes. The work arrives at a new understanding of systems from a unifying general perspective, and then applies that understanding to areas that appear crucial for humanity’s survival. Numerous original findings are included.

LAWS OF ALL Book1, Front Cover

LAWS OF ALL™ Book 1, Part I, Vol. 1,
Front Cover

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The company plans to allow free access to some whole sections of the initial volume on its website homepage under the Free Access section. Prices for paid portions of the work begin at $4.99 and will be made available through links under the Featured Offerings section on the homepage. Visitors may check the website for availability of excerpts, synopses, offerings, publication details, news releases and articles, and subscribe to receive news alerts by email.


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