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System Laws Reveal Civilization Leaning Toward Downfall Says New Research

SUMMARY: New research finds that knowledge of a variety of system laws is critical to the stable management of systems. Yet many of these laws are unknown or not otherwise broadly observed. As a result, the stability of civilization and its systems is at risk from ongoing mismanagement thus leaning it toward downfall.

New Jersey, June 9, 2017 - Original research by Bins Analytics™ conducted since 2003, finds that a variety of system laws reveal key facets of system operation. Often these laws indicate that if they are not known, understood or considered when managing systems, the stability of the system is at risk. Since many of these laws are new and unheard of, or not broadly observed, it is implied that multiple critical system risks for civilization are left unmanaged or ill-managed. This leans the world’s civilization and its freedom away from stabiilty and toward downfall. An introductory section, Part I, Vol. 1/1.2, of the first sequence in the research series, LAWS OF ALL™, which discusses this topic, was made available for free access today on the company’s website homepage under the Excerpt Expressway section.

Bins Analytics said that symptoms of this negative trend are not always easy to spot without a “roadmap.” But such a guide is laid out in a series of economic findings to be presented in Part I, Chapter 4 of the work. Among other things, this chapter uncovers root causes behind the chronic sluggish growth of the U.S. economy. Part of the problem though is that the trends destabilizing civilization tend to be slow and are therefore easily obfuscated by more-acute events such as the 2008 financial crisis. However, Part I, section 1.2 does cite explicit evidence of a decline in world press-freedom that is also well underway.

“The trend away from press freedom implies a troubling knowledge-dimming trend,” said Michael Bins, founder and President of Bins Analytics. “The bright light of free press is crucial for freedom, democracy, and knowledge to steer the system by. A dark age of dimmed knowledge may await us if trends away from freedom are not reversed.”

Less knowledge means yet more mismanagement of social, political and economic systems, meaning yet less freedom in a vicious cycle. On top of the irony for this to be happening with the vast knowledge of the Internet at our fingertips, Bins Analytics says that it is doubly ironic that there is also an alarming physical trend involving a dimming of the sunlight at the Earth’s surface, which is described in section 1.2. And triply ironic, few are aware of this dimming even though it was discovered decades ago, and even though this knowledge has been on the Internet for more than 10 years.

The key to civilization’s success is to better understand how systems in general function so that managers and policymakers are given a fighting chance. When something about systems is learned at a general level, it can be applied to all systems. One of the goals of the LAWS OF ALL™ research series is to present such a new understanding of systems.

Simultaneously though, Bins said that this new understanding also reveals the peril from not understanding it. Moreover, as the systems of civilization grow more complex, our understanding of them needs to deepen. But with the ongoing economic weakness, even less funding is available for research. This implies less understanding and less knowledge to work with to correct the economic weakness and other problems.

“Common knowledge of the destabilizing influences and reasons for the current economic malaise is needed for the politics to take corrective action,” said Bins. “But the current environment of politically polarized paralysis and instigative meddling by an authoritarian state in democratic elections does not lead to the type of focus on system and data analysis needed to gain widespread understanding. As in chess, managers must always stay a step ahead of the system’s game to keep the Grim Reaper in check. The current state of politics is not allowing this, which is not a good sign for civilization’s future.”

About Bins Analytics Publications

The results of Bins Analytics(TM) research will be published sequentially under the series title, LAWS OF ALL™. The first sequence in the series is subtitled, System Laws Reveal Hidden Secrets of the Universe and Approaching Dark Age of Civilization, and spans several thousand pages across four parts, each with multiple volumes. Prices for paid portions begin at $4.99 and will be made available through the Featured Offerings section on the company homepage.

The work arrives at a new understanding of systems from a unifying general perspective, and then applies that understanding to areas that appear crucial for humanity’s survival. Numerous original findings are included. Visitors to the Bins Analytics website may check for the availability of excerpts, synopses, offerings, publication details, news releases and articles, and subscribe to receive news alerts by email.


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