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About Bins Analytics


Bins Analytics: Meaning and Purpose

Bins Analytics™ is the originator and publisher of the LAWS OF ALL™ book series.

The main endeavor of Bins Analytics is research and analysis. Since 2003, this work has primarily involved original research contributing to the LAWS OF ALL™ series of books. The overarching goal of these investigations has been to arrive at a new understanding of systems from a unifying general perspective, and then apply that understanding to areas that appear crucial for mankind’s survival.

Bins Analytics also comprises a new way of thinking that begins with the notion that all can be known. This concept is termed allism. And in this context, Bins Analytics is allism. This is discussed further in LAWS OF ALL™ Part I, Vol. 1/1.2, “The Approaching Dark Age of Civilization: The Theory of None.” (Check under Free Access for availability.) Other new ways of thinking were also arrived at in the course of this research that involve systems thinking.

About the Laws of All

General laws that apply to all possible systems can be called laws of all systems, or simply Laws of All. The LAWS OF ALL™ is a book series written and published by Bins Analytics™ that is about the Laws of All. The first book in this series is titled, LAWS OF ALL™: System Laws Reveal Hidden Secrets of the Universe and Approaching Dark Age of Civilization, which is itself a multivolume series.

The LAWS OF ALL™ book series is not so much a rehash of what’s currently known about general systems, or systems in general terms. It is more a presentation of the results of original research revolving around general system laws and their much-needed application to stem off worldwide catastrophe and even the ultimate demise of humanity. The laws point to such disastrous consequences without proper system management. And proper system management is unlikely to occur without proper system knowledge, including knowledge of the Laws of All. To this end, the research also focuses on applications in key areas of science: socio-politico-economics and the fundamental physics of the universe.

See this link for a brief overview of the book series: About the LAWS OF ALL™ Book Series

Author Background

Michael Bins is an engineer, researcher, analyst, theorist, and philosopher. Since the 1980s, he has had diverse experiences in hard-system engineering, consulting and research, spanning from bridge building to the design and development of medical electronics and instrumentation.

Coupling the above experience with a vested interest in trading-system design and futures-market analysis (from stocks and bonds to, for example, currencies, corn, cocoa, coffee, cotton, cattle, copper and crude to name a few) provided Michael Bins with a unique insight into the inner workings of systems of all types. This spawned a twelve-year (and counting) research voyage and analytical probe to develop a new foundational understanding of general systems, their laws, and their application toward the diverse and ofttimes cryptic systems of the physical universe, the socio-politico-economic “universe,” and beyond. All this resulted in the launch of a new book series: LAWS OF ALL™.

Michael Bins has held degrees in engineering from Rutgers College of Engineering and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute since the 1980s.

See additional details about the author in the LAWS OF ALL™ Book 1, Part I, Volume 1, Chapter 2, and in this book’s front matter. The latter can be found in the Excerpt Expressway.