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Copyright Notice


Unless stated otherwise, this website and its contents, as well as any other digital computer files, printed materials or other works created by Michael H. Bins or Bins Analytics, are the property of Michael H. Bins or Bins Analytics, and are, with no limitations, protected under United States and foreign copyright and trademark laws, including International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions. Violations are checked for by automated means. Violators are subject to legal penalties.

Nonprivate Digital Files

Some works created by Michael H. Bins or Bins Analytics are digital computer files. And some of these files are intentionally made accessible to the general public. Files in this category may alternately be referred to herein as nonprivate digital files.

Note, the term nonprivate digital files does not at all imply or convey that the files are in the public domain. It only means that the files were purposefully made accessible to the general public by their rightful owner. These files may be published or unpublished. But in all cases, all intellectual property rights are retained.

Access to nonprivate digital files may be free or it may require a payment. But in no way is it meant that intellectual property rights are transferred or released; Michael H. Bins and Bins Analytics retain all rights and ownership of intellectual property in these nonprivate digital files.

Nonprivate digital files are provided under a license whose terms are described below. For any digital file other than those designated as nonprivate digital files, no license for use of any kind exists, unless the file’s intellectual property rights are owned by a third party. If they are so owned, then the file’s license is determined by the third party.

Apart from the numerous exceptions listed below, all nonprivate digital files, which may include but are not limited to web pages, images, excerpts, ebooks, portable document files (pdf), text files, HTML files, spreadsheets, software, etc., may only be used for purposes that are private, personal and noncommercial, and only if the following conditions are adhered to:

  • No file portions are reproduced or printed in any format using any means;
  • No file portions are emailed, uploaded, transmitted, or transferred in any format using any means;
  • No file portions are posted to a website, the Internet, or any computer network in any format using any means;
  • No file portions are embedded in any media type in any format using any means;
  • No file portions are altered;
  • No notices are removed from files, such as any indicating ownership, trademark, or copyright;
  • No file portions, including trademarks, names and titles, are used for or in connection with sales, trade, promotions, publicity campaigns, advertising, or commercial ventures;
  • No file portions are utilized in any practices that might be deemed deceptive or misleading.

Printed Material

No portion of any printed material created by Michael H. Bins or Bins Analytics may be reproduced or transmitted in any format using any means without the creator’s prior written permission. All rights to these works are reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions. In addition, all of the same restrictions for nonprivate digital files apply to printed materials as well, apart from any applicable exceptions stated herein.


Exceptions to the above sections are stated below. Among other things, these exceptions include appreciable leeway for the use of images in electronic formats.

  • All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
  • Fair use under U.S. copyright law is allowed.
  • Users are allowed to download any nonprivate digital files from the Bins Analytics website and retain unaltered copies of them on their own equipment as long as the uses are private, personal and noncommercial. However, apart from temporary or cache copies generated automatically by software such as a browser, no more than one copy of any given file may be retained at once. But users are allowed to simultaneously retain one copy of every nonprivate digital file on their own equipment for the uses described above. Where no download button exists, downloading can still be accomplished using the file save function in the software displaying the file.
  • A single duplicate copy of any nonprivate digital file that a user purchases or otherwuse obtains from an authorized third-party vendor may be made and retained by the user on their own equipment, provided that the copy is only for backup purposes offline, and provided that it is only used if the first file is permanently lost.
  • Every nonprivate digital file provided may not allow printing. However, for those files that do, a printed copy of any nonprivate digital file or portion thereof may be made and retained by the user for their own private, personal and noncommercial use provided that no more than one such printed copy of the same material exists at any one time, and provided that printing is limited to text portions only, except as may be further allowed under the Exceptions in this Copyright Notice, including in the section that pertains to image files.
  • Handwritten notes may be made on printed material so long as notices are not overwritten.
  • Internet addresses and hypertext links to Bins Analytics™ web pages, such as at http://www.binsanalytics.com, may be freely shared and transmitted, including by email or text messaging. They may also be freely posted on websites or networks, or included in other media. These practices are allowed and encouraged so long as they exclude unsolicited bulk transmissions, and so long as the context is not misleading or deceptive, or such that the address or link might be construed as explicit or implicit support or endorsement by Bins Analytics or its agents of the website or media in which it is embedded, or of the content thereof.
  • Certain permissions may be granted implicitly to the following: news outlets publishing information related to Michael H. Bins or Bins Analytics; entities providing arranged services for Michael H. Bins or Bins Analytics; entities providing authorized sales of products produced by Michael H. Bins or Bins Analytics.

IMAGE FILES: The rules for use below apply to the subset of nonprivate digital files that are in image file formats. The intellectual property rights of these fliles are owned by Michael H. Bins or Bins Analytics. All images in question whose rights are NOT so owned will be clearly marked with a specific citation of or credit to the owner, creator or source, such as in a caption. In all other cases, whether it is explicit or implicit, it should be assumed that the rights owner is Michael H. Bins or Bins Analytics. In some of these cases, additional credit may appear on the Credits page such as if the image was adapted from a prior source.

The rules for image files below do not apply to images whose copyrights are NOT owned by Michael H. Bins or Bins Analytics. Use of these other images may still be restricted by their respective owners, but nothing in this Copyright Notice should be construed as applying restrictions or permissions to these other images, or to any files or work, NOT owned by Michael H. Bins or Bins Analytics.

Any image captioned “public domain” by Bins Analytics or its agents was so labeled on a third-party website, however, Bins Analytics cannot guarantee the accuracy of this label or that there are not other rights restricting use.

Nonprivate digital files with image formats ONLY, which include but are not limited to files with extensions of .png, .jpg, .gif, .tif, and .bmp, may be posted on websites or computer networks, or shared in their original digital format, including by email or in social-media channels, provided the following rules are strictly adhered to:

  • Every image file posting, sharing and transmission, including on websites and in emails, must clearly credit the source in the form of one hyperlink to http://www.binsanalytics.com for each time an image file is posted, shared, transmitted, or otherwise used in a presentation to others.
  • No image files may be included in any unsolicited bulk transmissions, such as in unsolicited email campaigns.
  • The above restrictions on files and file portions with regard to reproducing, printing, altering, misleading or deceptive use, and use in connection with sales, trade, promotions, publicity campaigns, advertisements or commercial ventures still apply to images and image files unless otherwise stated below.
  • Under these rules it is not permitted, for example, to reproduce text portions of nonimage files in an image format or otherwise circumvent the rules in this Copyright Notice.
  • Only digital formats of images may be shared. Sharing of images in nonelectronic formats such as printed copies or otherwise is prohibited.
  • Images may not be sold, rented, leased or bartered for in any format unless it is otherwise allowed by copyright law.
  • Image files may also be posted on commercial or promotional websites or transmitted by commercial entities, however, in no case is it permitted for an image to be directly associated with a specific promotion, sale, trade, publicity campaign, advertisement or commercial venture.
  • Resizing of images in image files is allowed as long as the original aspect-ratio is essentially maintained.
  • Cropping of nontext edge areas of images in image files is allowed.
  • Nonprivate digital files, as well as private digital files, that are NOT in image formats include but are not limited to files with extensions of .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .txt, .html and .css. Neither posting nor sharing of these types of files is permitted under these rules regardless of any image content these files may possess.

News outlets are permitted to print images, including in sold publications, provided that credit is given clearly to http://www.binsanalytics.com once for each time an image is printed, and provided that the printing is in conjunction with the regular course of their news operations and news-outlet purposes. Image resizing and cropping is also allowed as specified above.

See Rules for Image Sharing, Posting and Printing for a less detailed description of the above guidelines for use of images.


Any exceptions to these terms not granted above can only be obtained by written permission from the copyright owner or Bins Analytics. See the Contact page.

For exceptions regarding material cited from a third-party source, please contact the third party for any permission waivers.


USE OF THIS WEBSITE AUTOMATICALLY CONSTITUTES AN AGREEMENT BY THE USER. See more details on the Policies page under Terms of Use.