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The term event has the common connotation of a get together of some sort: a lecture, a concert, a baseball game, etc., or anywhere people conglomerate. In science, the term can take on a broader meaning involving a get together of entities such as two subatomic particles in a collision event, or a meteor impact event. The latter may in turn trigger an extinction event—a meeting between life and death. Then there’s the so-called event horizon at the edge of a black hole, where two regions with vastly different space-time characteristics come together, and where a sun’s light “sets” forever.

But an event need not be anything so Earth shattering. In fact, anything merely happening constitutes an event, which might be thought of loosely as the coming together of space and time in a space-time event.

From time to time, Bins Analytics will publish news releases about events in its causal chain that may be of interest to some members of the public. A chronological listing of these releases is posted below. Typically, these releases will be coincident with the event. Sometimes the release itself may be the event, where the topic may be an announcement, for example. Check back soon for new releases.

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