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Terms of Use

USE OF THIS WEBSITE OR OTHER MATERIAL PUBLISHED BY Bins Analytics AUTOMATICALLY CONSTITUTES FULL AGREEMENT BY THE USER with all policies published on this website, and full agreement by the user that they will read, understand and abide by all rules, notices, terms, conditions and other similar statements published on this website. All of these policies and statements are either on or are linked to this page, and they may be changed in any way at any time. A user’s continued use of the website or published materials constitutes agreement with any such changes. Users understand that it is their own responsibility to access and assess the stated policies.


Bins Analytics and Michael H. Bins, as well as any individual, contractor, entity, organization or business utilized by or associated with either one in the past, present or future are hereafter termed Bins Analytics constituents.

Information of all types and formats published by Bins Analytics is provided “as is.” THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, including with respect to material on websites linked from said published information. Any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a specific purpose is hereby disclaimed, without limits, for all such information and linked material. There are no warranties about whether the information and linked material is correct, current or complete, or whether any advice or opinions are sound or wise.

The inclusion of a link to a third-party website in the information published by Bins Analytics should not be viewed as an approved endorsement by Bins Analytics, which has no control over the content, validity or accuracy of such websites, and has no control over their operators. Users understand that it is their own responsibility to assess the policies of such websites.

Use the information published by or linked from Bins Analytics materials at your own risk. NO Bins Analytics CONSTITUENT SHALL BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSSES, DAMAGES OR INJURIES OF ANY KIND, whether direct or indirect, that result from its websites, materials, or information sources linked from them, or from any other event. This includes incidental, punitive, property, personal-injury, consequential, compensatory, loss-of-use, special and third-party damages, as well as all other types of damage, injury or loss, such as might occur from malicious software, software bugs, website inaccessibility, server delays, document changes, document discontinuation, typos, errors, omissions, content uploaded by other users, and user misunderstandings, to name a few.

Bins Analytics is free to restrict access to or discontinue publication of any material or format at any time without notice or liability.

Even if one or more Bins Analytics constituents have been informed ahead of potential problems that might cause damage, injury or loss, users agree to hold all Bins Analytics constituents harmless in all cases, notwithstanding any negligence or wrongdoing involved.

To the extent that any laws clearly disallow limitations for certain types of damages, the total liability of all Bins Analytics constituents for all types of claims shall in no case be larger than the user’s payment to access the information from which a claim may arise.

Provider Policies

Bins Analytics contracts with third-party providers, such as for services, including those who sell Bins Analytics materials to the general public. The websites of some of these providers may be linked to from the Bins Analytics website.

Users understand that Bins Analytics is not in control of third-party policies. And users understand that policies vary across different companies, websites and over time making it impractical to list every policy here that may affect users. Users also accept that every provider that may be utilized may not be apparent, such as those performing background functions. With regard to third-party providers that are apparent, such as those linked from this website, users are free to assess their policies as often as desired to suit their needs and act accordingly.

By engaging in activities that involve Bins Analytics or its third-party providers, including but not limited to subscribing to or purchasing materials produced by Bins Analytics, users automatically consent to the submission, collection, receipt, processing, storage, usage and transfer of user data by, to or from Bins Analytics, and by, to or from any relevant third-party providers. Users further consent to receiving communications from Bins Analytics and its third-party providers as may be deemed necessary.

Transfers of user data may occur between any of the following: Bins Analytics, users, and relevant third-party providers. Transfers between users are limited to those initiated by users. Users may also initiate transfers to nonusers. As detailed further in other sections of the policy on this web page, the user data that Bins Analytics accesses is limited, and the ways in which Bins Analytics uses the user data that it accesses is also limited.

Users understand that Bins Analytics may authorize some third parties providing services for Bins Analytics to share user data directly with each other, strictly in fulfillment of their obligations to Bins Analytics. But Bins Analytics never authorizes transfer of information related to funding a purchase—such as credit card numbers—between its third-party service providers.

Users may directly modify or delete their data held by any third-party providers linked from this website using whatever means the provider may make available to them that are in accord with the provider’s policies. Every provider linked from this website may not offer such a means. For example, removing user data from aggregated website-traffic data may not be possible. And every third-party provider may not store user data.


Bins Analytics does not sell products directly to the public. Contact prospective vendors or any vendor that made a sale regarding their return policies. Policies may vary.

All purchases, including those through links on this website, are made from merchants other than Bins Analytics and will not be accepted for return or exchange by Bins Analytics. If there is a problem with an order or its delivery, please contact the merchant that made the sale.

Click here for more information About Purchasing through the links on this website.

Privacy Policy: Personal Information

Bins Analytics does not collect social-security numbers, credit-card numbers, debit-card numbers, checking-account numbers, or any other account numbers related to funding a purchase.

Personal information is hereby defined as data about an individual, such as name, contact information, history of purchases, or information used to keep data secure. It also includes home country, which may be needed to comply with regulations local to users.

Any personal information collected by Bins Analytics through whatever means is kept safe and will not be knowingly leased, rented, traded, sold, shared or otherwise disclosed to third parties. Exceptions to this can occur in some instances:

  • If the user specifically authorizes it, such as to allow publishing their name or identifier with their comments.
  • If a third-party provider is used to make contact with users for the purposes of sales, marketing, or other notifications or correspondence from or related to Michael Bins or Bins Analytics.
  • If one or more Bins Analytics constituents assist with the carrying out of normal business functions.
  • If legal issues or other extenuating circumstances arise.

Bins Analytics may collect information related to users indirectly through its third-party providers who generally perform special-purpose functions, such as retail sales.

The Bins Analytics website collects information directly from a user’s computing device in only the following ways:

  • If a user explicitly submits information to the Bins Analytics website from their device, such as in messages, posts, comments, or website contact forms.
  • Google Analytics cookies and code are utilized to collect data related to traffic on the Bins Analytics website and on the websites of some third-party providers.

Users of the Bins Analytics website consent to the storing and accessing of information on their computing device by Google Analytics cookies and code for the purposes of generating website traffic reports, which may be used as needed by Bins Analytics.

Users may read more about how Google uses data collected by Google Analytics cookies and code utilized by the Bins Analytics website.

Some third-party providers may collect website-traffic data and/or user-clicks data for Bins Analytics. Some of this data may be collected directly by Google Analytics on behalf of Bins Analytics, but any of this data may be accessed by Bins Analytics constituents to better understand and serve those interested in Bins Analytics products and publications.

Promotional announcements may be received from Bins Analytics that may be of interest. Recipients may make use of any unsubscribe link provided, or may Contact Bins Analytics at any time and request that their contact information be forever removed from the contact list. Such removals may take some time. Using an unsubscribe link though should greatly speedup the process.

User Submissions: Nonpersonal Information

Any nonpersonal information uploaded, transmitted, emailed, shipped, sent, or otherwise submitted to and collected by Bins Analytics, automatically becomes the permanent property of Bins Analytics and Michael H. Bins, and may be, in any fashion, employed, modified, copied, shared, transmitted, published, distributed, stored, lost or destroyed. The following statements further clarify this policy:

  • Nonpersonal information INCLUDES but is not limited to comments, ideas, files and suggestions.
  • Nonpersonal information EXCLUDES personal information, which is defined and treated as prescribed above under the Privacy Policy.
  • The user agrees they have no ownership stake in any nonpersonal information submitted and that no compensation is required for the transfer of ownership.
  • The user agrees they are personally accountable for all aspects of information submitted and its transfer, including but not limited to its accuracy, its citations or lack thereof, its legality, its liabilities, and its notices.
  • The user agrees not to submit any information or files that might be deemed disruptive, discourteous, obscene, libelous, threatening, plagiarized, infringement or illegal.
  • The user agrees to hold harmless, defend and indemnify Bins Analytics constituents for any liabilities, costs, legal fees, or any other damages resulting from breakage of the agreement herein by you or any user of your equipment, including but not limited to costs for independent legal defense.
  • Exceptions to this policy can only be granted by Bins Analytics or Michael H. Bins in writing, such as by nondisclosure agreement, BEFORE any such nonpersonal information is submitted. THERE IS NO ASSUMED NONDISCLOSURE AGREEMENT, OR ANY OTHER AGREEMENT, IN PLACE BY DEFAULT other than the policies and notices stated on this website and any governing laws.

Termination of the Agreement

If a user is found to be in violation of this agreement as described herein, or for any other reason deemed necessary, a user’s agreement may be summarily terminated by Bins Analytics, in its sole discretion. Or a user may voluntarily terminate their agreement. In either event, the user must destroy all works and files of Bins Analytics in their possession, and take possession of none in the future.

See the Copyright Notice for additional information.